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Track 1- Mechanical Engineering

  • • Advanced Manufacturing Process
  • • Material Science and Metallurgy
  • • Process Equipment Design and Tribology
  • • Sustainable Management
  • • Application of Artificial Intelligence
  • • Finite Element Analysis
  • • Production Management and Operation Research
  • • Thermo Power and Fluids

Track 2- Civil Engineering

  • • Green Building Materials and Technologies
  • • Sustainable Resources and Materials
  • • Design & Optimization for Lifecycle Structural Performance
  • • Service Life Evaluation and Extension
  • • Innovation and Optimization in Structural Design
  • • Design for Minimizing and Using Construction Waste
  • • Sustainable Infrastructure Development and Planning

Track 3- Automobile Engineering

  • • Advances in Automotive Design, Manufacturing and Vehicle Electronics
  • • Fuel Economy, Emissions and Environmental Implications
  • • Advanced Materials and Alternative Fuels
  • • Automotive Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
  • • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • • Vehicles for Disabled Persons

Objective of the Conference

ICSDDM-2017 is a premier International Conference being organized by SCOE during 12th -13th Jan 2017 at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai (M.S.) India. Emergence of various technologies in the modern time has become inevitable. We have to be competent enough to compete with the present and the future global market which is dynamic in nature and as touched high scales of excellence. Hence, a conference on Sustainable Development in Design & Manufacturing will result in an improved awareness about the implications of every emerging technology. The conference will be focusing on all the latest concepts in the field of Design & Manufacturing. ICSDDM-2017 is a true testimony of the fact that every emerging technology today will give way to a better tomorrow. The conference will provide an exceptional platform to the researchers to meet and discuss the practical methods of solving intriguing problems with people who are actively involved in these fields. The conference also aims at encouraging the faculty for engaging in more and more research in particular and creating an environment promoting research in every field of academics.

Contact Persons

  • Prof. Abhijeet Ranveer: 09970062892
  • Prof. Mohd. Azar Bargir: 09595940580
  • Prof. Pooja Somani: 08097070305