Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering | Total Laboratories :12

Sr. No Major Equipments available Area
1 Name of Lab- Computer Center 200 Sq.m
HCL Desktop, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD 7200 rmp : 90 PC
EPSN LX-300 Printer
19 U network rack 48 port switch with pacth
1. Autocad 2008
2. Pro E 4.0 Wildfire
2 Name of Lab- Heat Transfer
ˇ Thermal conductivity of insulating powder 66 Sq.m
ˇ Heat Transfer in natural convection
ˇ Heat Transfer in forced convection
ˇ Thermal Conductivity of liquid
ˇ Heat Pipe Demonstrator
ˇ Thermal conductivity of metal rod
ˇ Unsteady state heat conduction
ˇ Emissivity
ˇ Heat Exchanger
3 Name of Lab- Internal Combustion Engine
ˇ Engine test Set up- 1Cylinder 4 Stroke Diesel Engine 68 Sq.m
ˇ Engine test Set up- 3Cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol Engine
4 Name of Lab- Machine shop
4.5 size Lathe M/c Light Duty 250 Sq.m
6' Size Allgeared Lathe
Shaping machine18'' Stroke
Radial Drilling Machine
Hack Saw Machine
4'6" Light Duty All Geared Lathe Machine
Bench Grinder 1 HP
CNC Turning Trainer Machine
5 Name of Lab- Workshop
Bench Grinder 0.75 HP 400 Sq.m
Bench Type drilling m/c
Mini Arc welding machine
Wood turning lathe
Welding Machine
Spot Welding m/c
Edge Bending Machine
Wood Working Lathe Machine & Turnign Tools
6 Name of Lab- Cad/Cam
Hardware- 66 Sq.m
24 port Lan switch
1. Ansys 11.0,
2. CMS_ Intellicad
7 Name of Lab- Vibration
ˇ Static & Dynamic balancing 70 Sq.m
ˇ Universal Vibration Apparatus
ˇ Whirling of shaft Apparatus
8 Name of Lab- Mechatronics
ˇ Oil Hydraulic Trainer 67 Sq.m
ˇ Electro- Pneumatic Trainer
ˇ PLC Trainer Unit
ˇ 5V Dual Channel Dual Display DC. Power Supply
ˇ M-52-02 Microcontroller Trainer
ˇ Mechatronics Trainer Kit With PLC Software
ˇ Compressor
9 Name of Lab- RAC
ˇ Vapor compression Refrigeration Test Rig 68 Sq.m
ˇ Water Cooler Test Rig
ˇ Ice Plant Test Rig
ˇ Air conditioning Test Rig
10 Name of Lab- TOM
1. Mechanism(withworth, reciprocating Engine oscillating cylinder, crank And slotted leaver, 4 bar link) 66 Sq.m
2. Kinematics of pair (Lower & higher pair)
3. Kinematics of gear
4. Gear tooth profile
5. Oldham coupling
6. Universal coupling
7. Cam analysis apparatus
8. Inversions of four bar link mechanism
9. Motorized Gyroscope
10. Universal Governor Apparatus
11. Cotter joints
12. Couplings
13. Clutch Models
14. Brake models
15. Epicyclic Gear Train Dynamometer Standard
16. Belt Transmission Dynamometer Standard
11 Name of Lab- Material technology
ˇ Trinocular Microscope with CCTV attachment 67 Sq.m
ˇ Binocular Microscope with Imported optics
ˇ Jominy End Quench Hardness test apparatus with Quenching fixture
ˇ Double Disk Polishing m/c
ˇ Abrasive belt grinder Dry type
ˇ Hot mounting press
ˇ Specimen leveler
ˇ Standard Metallurgical microstructure set
ˇ Dryer
ˇ Dedicator
ˇ Fatigue Testing Machine
12 Name of Lab- Research Lab
Hardware- 67 Sq.m
Acer VT (CI3) Desktop CP/N : AW / 60 GT:389 qie) ACER 18.5'' tet.
1. Advance Auto SIM
2. Solid Edge ST8