Placement Cell

TP & CG Cell | Employer's Feedback


Company Name: Marathon Group

“The college understood our organization’s needs very well, Students were knowledgeable and provided great talents to our company.  ”

“We appreciate the efforts taken by college for training students which ultimately improves the quality of the students. We hope and wish we would hire more in number in the coming year.”

“Overall hospitality during the Campus drive, was excellent from the Placement Department and co-ordinators. We thank them for making the whole process comfortable and easy.........”

Company Name: Protegrity

“Over the past couple of years we have worked with your college, and I believe your effectiveness is the result of several things, including a holistic approach with coaching engagements, practical ideas and suggestions for individuals to apply in the workplace, personable attitudes, and a results-oriented frame of mind. ”

“The Students did meet our expectations and most of them were technically sound. The efforts taken by the Placements Department coordinator need to be appreciated. The Hospitality was awesome and College infra provided with very comfortable environment to carry on with the entire process. .........”

Company Name: Ericsson

“We were growing rapidly and I knew we needed student support from colleges. Your college not only contain a first-rate education, but also are well-rounded individuals who bring various skill sets pushing the company in the right direction. The students are always very well prepared and we hope to have continued success in the future!”

“Campus to corporate training provided by TP&CGC has showed a positive response from the students, and it’s visible during our recruitment drive process. .........”