IT Engineering

Department of IT Engineering | Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO):

  1. To prepare the candidate for a successful career in the IT industry and make him acquainted with the latest software and hardware related to Information Management.
  2. To make candidate to develop software development ability to take up challenges in the industry by making Business oriented software dealing with mass amount of data (information) intelligently and new research oriented projects.
  3. To provide the candidate with a sound foundation in mathematics, software technologies, database technology, networking, hardware and to prepare them for graduate studies.
  4. To promote student awareness of lifelong learning and to introduce them to professional ethics and codes of professional practice.
  5. To make the candidate a complete computer literate, who can work on various platforms
  6. To enable the student’s implementation of security ethics regarding reading the Hackers mind and understand the hacking technology and methodology.
  7. To enable student to work productively as IT Engineers, including supportive and leadership roles on multidisciplinary teams.
  8. To guide and motivate students to engage in continuous learning through higher studies.