Industry Institute Interface School | Humanities, Sciences & Engineering

III School: | Humanities, Sciences & Engineering

Academic Year 2015-16
Sr. No. Title Date Resource Person
1 Self Defense workshop by Mr. Manoj Barde, Founder president of KLM International Foundation 8-Mar-16 Mr. Manoj Barde
2 Expert lecture on Pointers (SPA) by Prof. Vaishali Jadhav 1-Apr-16 Prof. Vaishali Jadhav
3 Basics of engineering Drawing, orthographic, isometric, projection of solids by Prof. M.Bhoir 6-Apr-16 Prof. M.Bhoir
4 Add on course “Nurture” by Prof. Alka Purohit 28 Jan-4Apr.2016 Prof. Alka Purohit
5 Seminar on attitude building and motivation 13/07/2015 Prof Vinay Raikar
6 Seminar on Ambition in youth by
Manshakti Kendra, Kharghar
7 Seminar on Role of student in
quality enhancement of higher education
25/8/2015 Dr. Pabrekar
8 STTP on Appllication of mathematics
in Egineering and science 16-20Dec.2015
9 STTP on NAAC for quality
improvement of institute (6-10July 2015)
6-10July 2015
10 TWO ISO Training programs in
Nov 2014 and Jan 2015
Nov 2014 and Jan 2015
11 First aid training for non teaching in March 2015 March 2015
Energy program(27 Nov. 2015)
27 Nov. 2015
13 Seminar on Ambition in youth by
Manshakti Kendra, Kharghar (14Aug.2015)
14 Women health Workshop on 14th Jan 2016 14th Jan 2016
15 Road safety workshop on 22nd Jan 2016 22nd Jan 2016
16 Guest lecture in Applied Physics 28/9/2015 Dr. Karkare
17 Guest Lecture in Applied Chemistry 29/9/15 Dr.Arpita Pal
18 Guest lecture in BEE 30/9/15 Prof. Shruti Nema
19 Applications of Engineering Mechanics 10/12/2015 Prof.S.N. Teli
20 Preparation for Engineering
Mechanics Prof.S.N. Teli (13/10/2015)
13/10/2015 Prof.S.N. Teli
21 Applications of Engineering Mechanics 29/10/2015 Prof.Roshani John
Academic Year 2014-15
1 Industry Institute Interface
School Soft Skills &
Employability Skills (19Jan.-30March2014)
Academic Year 2013-14
Sr. No. Title Date
1 Spoken English and personality development 20Jan.-24 thMarch2013
2 Orientation program for revised
syllabus Appied Maths III and IV(18July 2013)
18 Jul 13
Academic Year 2012-13
Sr. No. Title Date
1 2 days national multidisciplinary national seminar on
research avenues science and
technology and research methodology
12&13 Jan. 2012
Academic Year 2011-12
Sr. No. Title Date
1 Spoken English 22Jan.-26March2011
2 STTP ON VISION-T3,Technical
Teachers training (20July-24July 2011)
20July-24July 2011
3 National conference on emerging
technologies and applications in
engineering and science (NCETAES-3RD-4TH Feb11)
3RD-4TH Feb11